Saturday, January 12, 2013

Farmers' Markets - Hobart, Tasmania Part 4

hobart tasmania markets

More photos from Hobart trip in September 2012 (finally posting up the last batch).
In addition to Salamanca markets, there are a few Farmers' markets around the city held on Sundays. We read about this particular one in a travel brochure from our hotel and decided to check it out. For anyone visiting Hobart, a treck to the local markets for Tassie's fresh produce is highly recommended!

Hobart Tasmania:
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Unknown said...

wow, u went to Hobart last week?
hv u been to my Port? lol

Hanna said...

These photos are from September 2012 when I went to Hobart for my birthday. Which port is it? haha

Unknown said...

Of course.Port. Arthur lar.